It is a time when the sky is heavily overcast

From this major form of megh are derived the six raginis of malhari, sorathi, sawani, kaushiki and gandhari. When the custom of visualising these forms became accepted practice, megh was represented as a dark, handsome man with formidable appearance. No surprise that the ittar-maker or gandhi then created that incomparable aroma of the first monsoon showers on a parched earth and called it mitti or earth Wholesale Shower Filter Factory that can be smelt in any season.The word monsoon comes from the Arabic word mausim, meaning weather. Dr Alka Raghuvanshi is an art writer, curator and artist and can be contacted onalkaraghuvanshi@yahoo. Paradoxically, the origin of the word for torrential rain begins in a desert that doesn’t even know the exquisite and sensual pleasure of a monsoon downpour! Origin notwithstanding, the monsoon has had a literally cascading impact on our literature, art, dance, music and architecture. It is said that Vritra, the cloud-dwelling demon of drought, held back rains once and Indra had to use his arsenal of thunder and bolts of lightening to defeat him in battle and push him out of his cloud-built tower. The seasons have a huge impact on me as a person and it is bound to show in my work. My act is in fact ‘very performance–oriented’. But the real smell of the petrichor or wet earth is after all the real thing! In the Baramasa miniature paintings from Rajasthan, the monsoon pictures have women perched on swings, white cranes flying across a dark sky, peacocks with the plumes fanned out, parakeets and blooming lotuses with the musicians singing the malhar or ragas of the rains.

On my canvas, particularly the larger one, colours engage in furious dance. One of Prof Niren Sengupta’s beautiful work depicts Krishna lifting the Govardhan as he plays the flute surrounded by the deluge.Kalidas’s lyrical poem Meghdootam — the messenger cloud — when a divine Yaksha is separated from his Yakshini by the gods, his pining messages of love are carried by monsoon clouds, is arguably the classic example of monsoon-related poetry: The sky on every side is shrouded by rain clouds which wear the beauty of deep blue lotus petals.Of course the kajris and jhoolas in the so-called light classical genre have been immortalised by Girija Devi and have the power to haunt as the incessant rain beats against the window panes."Artist Sudip Roy says, "I love the purity of colours and the impact they have on the emotional quotient. The space gets painted, in fact, sometimes over-painted. A particularly evocative one likens the bridegroom’s sehra woven from the fragrant jasmine flowers of the season and the lightening akin to the silver and gold zari of the cummerbund wound around his waist, the thunder reverberations from the gallop of his white steed And as the monsoon welcomes the festivals after the somnolent summer months, the midnight celebration of Krishna Janamashtmi, Rakshabandhan and Teej, with their own particular songs and swings, the phoolwalon ki sair winds its way through the streets of Mehrauli to the Jog Maya temple to the tomb of the Sufi saint Khwaja Bakhtiar Kaki For more than basant, it is saawan that is the true beginning of all things.. The viraha songs of the women who await the arrival of their beloved touch a new depth of poignancy as they are sung during the monsoon in Rajasthan, eastern Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. At the onset dhulia malhar is sung — as the dust or dhul still blows in gusts, the semi-dry harshness is interspersed with startling intermissions of welcoming raindrops.No wonder that Indra, the lord of the heavens, is also the thunder god and paeans are sung to him in the Vedas, for his role in bringing rains is perhaps the most proactive. It is a pure dance creating significant patterns of movement and rhythm covering space without overshadowing

It is a time when the sky is heavily overcast and rolls of thunder growl threateningly and its gripping aura suggests a somber depth. The logic is that it is not merely the ragas, but the swaras that dance to the rain. Everything speaks of rain without the painting actually depicting a shower!For it is said that rains had to be depicted with "ropes of pearls"! Some of the most evocative paintings from the Bundi, Bikaner and Jodhpur school of miniatures depict the moods of monsoon with Krishna and Radha enjoying the dark clouds and women on swings tied to mango trees and more such romantic imagery all sans a speck of rain! The monsoon months are clubbed together as Chaturmasa — the four months of Asharh, Shravan, Bhadra and Ashvin." The same is true of artist Shridhar Iyer who uses colours with great abandon and pizzazz yet with deep control and depth that he brings to his palette in terms of colour. Megh has the distinction of being accepted in all the four major matas or groups of raga classification.The poignant smell of the earth as the first raindrops fall is something that has inspired the romantic in all of us. And just like the intensity of the downpour almost like an arc, there is a distinct bearing on the placement of the ragas’ singing schedule. The various forms of malhars include the more popular mian ki malhar named after Tansen, gaud malhar, surdasi malhar, ramdasi malhar to the rarely heard jayant malhar, nat malhar and kedar malhar. The ragini Malhar is draped in white and sits on a bed of jasmine, holding a do-tara. Not merely shade differences of the tonal mood of the season, but actually different symbols and pictorial illustrations of the monsoon, megh is of a dark and serious mood. The two ragas of this season are megh and malhar.. She says candidly, "the rhythm and colour of Indian classical dance has influenced my work; it is not altogether surprising that I treat colour as performance. In his left hand he carries a naked sword, flourishing it in the air as if rending the sky to bring rain. Centuries later, Rabindranath Tagore would look at the monsoon sky and write:Lightening darts through the clouds, ripping them Dotting the sky with sharp crooked smiles Last evening I was at the exhibition opening of artist Nupur Kundu and was touched by her "colourscapes" that she paints with immense abandon and freedom, layering them and almost walking on them like a beautiful bird leaves the imprint of her toes on the wet earth. It is like dancing from one colour to another.

It clearly shows how people are so disconnected

" A Midas touch to the latteIt’s called the golden milk and cafes from Sydney to San Francisco are spicing up their menus with cold-pressed turmeric juice in milk or even as tea. Take Holi, the festival of colours, which is played with fervour in Spain, with marathons having Holi colours as a part of their run-dez-vous. Ironically, fly-by-night ‘new’ yoga teachers are offering classes of yoga that start with a deep puff from a chillum. Together in celebration rather than apart in beliefs! That oft-gulped and much detested haldi doodh of childhood has turned into a chic organic drink in the West, with turmeric latte and tea being the go-to."Yoga teacher Samita Rathore has been seeing a craze for it in Australia where she is currently teaching yoga, "‘It is big time in Sydney. A spice that is 4,000 years old in Vedic culture. In modern times, this sort of navel-gazing to sell a concept is outrageous, Personality coach and mind guru Ian Faria sums it up in a nutshell, "I believe that culture is a moving standard. We explore this Indian-ness that has created a life and identity of its own, paired with Western rituals. JFK said it best: The only unchangeable certainty, is that nothing is certain, or unchangeable. It needs to change and evolve — just like we do. Karanth attributes the fusing of two individual activities into one as an instance of an inter-cultural cauldron, "Cultural taboos are slowly fading.Honourary Consul of Spain, Bengaluru, Surbhi Sharma feels that these cultural exchanges are great occasions for camaraderie, "We talk about living in a global village and this is a perfect example.".. Empirically, this has proved to be very accurate in determining trends and shifts in mindset. The ordinary ripe tomato too finds its festival being celebrated in the country, as the Tomatina of Spain comes to the Northeast.

A new-age stick workout, similar to our Gujju behen’s Dandiya has taken fitness junkies into its clattering umbrella too. Salamanca resident and lawyer, Lina Marcela Santibáñez Mejía, who participated in the Salamanca Colour Race, describes it, "The runners got a bag containing coloured powder that we could throw on anyone we wanted. I think we need to use our brains to realise what is true and what is a gimmick." In Indian history, cannabis is believed to have been used as an entheogen as early as 1000 BCE.K. There is only one yoga, the traditional kind. Usually taken as a concoction in milk as bhang and used during religious ceremonies. Bringing a homogeneity and universal identity, this might be what the strife filled world needs today. The event had full support of the government of Meghalaya whose horticulture department collaborated with the Vegetable Sellers Association. Even parties across the world have thrown some gulaal into the revelling. Yoga is yoga, the whole practice is to work with oneself, body and mind. Hashish, or charas, is seen as a gift of Shiva to aid in sadhana.. Surbhi Sharma says, "The La Tomatina festival recently held in Shillong was a great success. While all these bring about a sense of belonging, there are also worrying practices like ‘hashish yoga’ that tries to marry age-old spiritual yoga, adding pot into the asana and pranayama equation. Such celebrations are a perfect way of promoting better understanding and camaraderie among the people of the world. In any case, we need to respect current laws in force, and if they have outlived their purpose, we should endeavour to change them. It takes very little for things to become a rage and it’s great that people have found a new formula to market things. I would therefore go with the evolving trend. Organic cafes are serving Turmeric latte with ginger. It is indeed becoming a small world, where one sees festivals as a celebration irrespective of origin, and issues as a part of the world crisis. To think that the age-old nuska for good health — haldi doodh — has reached foreign waters speaks volumes of that ordinary nub of turmeric or curcuma."Such exchanges promote understanding and sociologist B. India produces most of the world’s turmeric and uses 80 percent of it (for cooking)!Renowned Chef Abhijit Saha says about the ‘Indian saffron’, "There is a rule the world follows: Do things differently instead of coming up with new things. Does cannabis help in one’s quest for vinyasa NOT, is the universal answer. It’s a ‘Holi’day!A marathon and Holi What’s the connection People in Salamanca found one, when they held a 5K marathon with Holi colours. Yogini Samita Rathore is filled with angst at this interpretation. She says, "While a turmeric latte is a wonderful marrying of cultures, Hashish Yoga is ridiculous. A healthy alternative to coffee, it seems to be a desi tadka, in a drink. More than being a Roman, we seem to be taking Rome wherever we go!" he quips. This way, tourists, locals and farmers benefitted too," she says, adding, "The Spanish town of Bunol greatly benefits by attracting over 40,000 tourists on the day of Tomatina Festival, leading to a good amount of business. I am delighted to see such cultural exchanges that go beyond boundaries, and into the minds and lives of others. In the early days, when yogis used to take cannabis, it was not taken recreationally but as a pure herb, this new form is against the first rule of yoga, which is ahimsa and non-violence, as it violates the body. That’s the way the world works. Likewise, India too joins this bandwagon with the various Tomatina Festivals being held here. It’s an exotic health drink — the West has realised its health benefits. It’s a full cycle and it makes me happy when India gets highlighted. The very fact that the festival of Holi is observed in Arabian countries, and our Northeastern counterparts seem to be taking active part in Tomatina, a festival celebrated with gusto in Spain, testifies to this. It is especially interesting to see this take place this year, as we celebrate the 60th anniversary of Indo-Spanish diplomatic relations!"And everyone wants to be a part of it, "Holi has become a huge fad abroad, especially after the release of Coldplay’s music video that was shot in India which focused on Holi colours, so many of my relatives from the US and UK have shown interest in Handheld Shower Head Suppliers flying down, just to celebrate the festival here!" exclaims Yasmin Paul, a student of communication. It’s demoralising and dangerous too. I see this as a merger that ushers the advent of a liberal era. However, while it is always a struggle to decide what part of culture needs to remain sacrosanct and what needs tweaking or discarding, the world now uses the power of collective or crowd intelligence. At completion of each kilometre, all runners got a ‘coloured shower’ under an arch with each arch in a particular colour. A damp squib — new-age yogaYet, something like yoga seems to be getting some disturbing interpretations. It’s remarkable how we all used to have it as kids — we would close our noses to gulp it down, and now we’ve forgotten it and the West has embraced it." While she felt the addition of colours was a tad frivolrous in a marathon, she says, "Companies take advantage of these new ideas to attract young people, though I did enjoy the post-race tapas session and drinks. The trend of fusions is going to continue.

It clearly shows how people are so disconnected with reality — the fact that people are even using a term like Hashish Yoga is such a shame — something so sacred and traditional like yoga is being degraded to such a level by an unseemly bunch. The line between homegrown customs and the West is blurring with elements of desi-ness becoming a part of international celebrations. knowing that someone would want to hang onto the old, and then let the universe decide what will be permitted."In a thumping party too, splashing colour on one another is something that has taken Madrid and Barcelona under its colourful umbrella, adding some more to the boogeying. Hashish Yoga, in which yogic asanas are performed with a smoke-ful of hashish manna, threatens to obliterate the very essence of yoga. It’s ironic that our very own haldi doodh has been turned into a latte craze. People are embracing various cultures and doing away with archaic forms of thoughts.It’s desi in videsi garb with a fusion of celebrations, festivals and customs. Yoga has been trivialised and it’s a sad state of affairs.

These songs will never die down

As for any sort of collaborations, I am open to it; it will be an amazing experience to lend my music to a Bollywood soundtrack.Talking about the biggest misconceptions surrounding EDM, Steve reveals that it is not just-out-of-the-laptop-kind-of-a-thing that many people term it as. Stevie Wonder, Nas, Barry White, Jay Z were the constant staples in my household." The EDM artist has a clear idea about how Indians and Bollywood go hand-in-hand. Talking about the kind of music that he was into while growing up and the music his children are now fond of, he says, "I grew up in a music loving family. I believe in telling my personal stories with my music," he shares. Ask him why it took him so long to come back to the Indian turf and Steve quips, "Yes, I have been wondering about this as well. The fans will not remember ‘commercially successful’ songs 10 years down because they all sound the same. I have heard that it’s spicy but I will take my chances." Steve grew up in Greece with his father but later moved to Stockholm to live with his mother. Come what may, I am going to try the butter chicken that a lot of my DJ friends who have visited India keep talking about. I spent three and a half years making one album where at one point, I scrapped the entire thing and started over. They’re not just beats.

They embrace your music with open arms and that is so heartening. That is what matters, doesn’t it In all honesty, people today do not know what they are listening to.Live music lovers, listen up! Steve Angello is in the house as a part of Don’t Let Daddy Know, one of the biggest clubbing concepts, which is all set to continue its world domination with an epic home-grown version of the one night dance music concept — DLDK India — featuring some of the biggest global names in electronic music who will curate seven hours of non-stop mayhem catering to diverse genres of electronic dance music (EDM). I derived inspirations and drew excerpts from that time and an amalgamation of all that is my music. I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and challenged myself to do what I believe in strongly. I can’t reveal the rest as I love to keep my fans guessing. I love my Indian fans; the love they shower on me via social media and fan mails is all very overwhelming. I was also big on Pink Floyd, Gang Starr, Michael Jackson and Daft Punk. I have planned a kicka**e set for my Indian audiences this time over and the performance will include a lot of my classics and of course, my latest solo album Wild Youth will play as a key highlight. "Well, people need to understand the painstaking arrangement that goes behind the making of a track. Artists just repeat the same beat over and over again, slap some pop vocals on it and voila, you have a successful song. I have heard rave reviews about Indian food; my manager was just telling me about it.". These songs will never die down." Recalling his last visit to India, Steve says, "Indian fans are very welcoming. "The neighbouring kids and I were blowing up stuff, and I remember how the youth back then didn’t have a voice.

There’s a lot of blood and sweat involved."The Swedish DJ/producer has been around for decades now, birthing some of the most timeless tracks in the genre and making up one third of super-group Swedish House Mafia for five successful years before their eventual split. The last time I had come to India for SHM’s One Last Tour, I could feel all the love flowing through the crowd. We used to listen to real music; music with a message and a purpose behind it. My time with my girls Winter and Monday is spent listening to my music and them singing along with it. Nowadays, we aren’t telling stories with dance music. He began DJing at the age of 14, and by 18, was touring Europe. My childhood has been one of the major inspirations in the music that I make now, and in Wholesale Shower Filter Suppliers the future too it shan’t change. I think I wanted to raise a voice back then. You will dive into my world a little more with every lyric and every song. This time around, I have specifically briefed my team way in advance. Lack of originality in the artists is my concern. So quiz him if he is a food lover who is open to try out spicy Indian food, and Steve grins, "I love food. Ask him if he’d be interested to compose a track for a Bollywood movie, and he laughs, "I really haven’t had a chance to listen to a lot of Indian music but I know for sure about the Bollywood music fandom in India. Talking about the transition from being a brand member to now a solo artist, the musician explains, "To be very honest, the transition towards going solo wasn’t a smooth one but I adapted quite well.

It was a welcome change. People shall always remember them. On my visit, I shall tell the local management to educate me a bit about it. But now here I am, all set to perform for them and reciprocate their love. They have meaning’, further adds, "You listen to the music from the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s and you know and understand every word. But then again, it is not just the people who say that are at fault. Steve, who helped bring EDM to a wider audience as a member of Swedish House Mafia, the now-defunct trio he was part of with fellow Nordic production powerhouses Axwell and Sebastian Ingrosso, says that he had fallen in love with the country on his very first tour. Bollywood music producers, are you’ll listening " Lastly, an Indian tour is incomplete without food tasting."The artist who recently said that bands like The Prodigy, Underworld, The Chemical Brothers are still relevant today because their ‘songs are songs. Last time, I couldn’t really try anything."His latest album Wild Youth depicts the story of his life and his formative years. I promise my fans an amazing experience.

This improves when the disease is treated

No matter which category you fall under, a couple of handy tips can save you from excessive sweating and embarrassing situations! They are as follows:Always shower in tepid or cold water. Refrain from using strong soaps and deodorants. Some of the most common occurrences of sweating are when the climate is hot, when a person is exercising, when he is anxious or under stress and when suffering from body temperature fluctuations.Drink green tea instead of coffee, as caffeine increases sweating whereas magnesium and vitamin B complex in green ABS Water Tap Manufacturers tea reduces it. This improves when the disease is treated. helps combat excessive sweating and body odour. The sweat glands in these regions are under the control of nerves and hence get stimulated in certain situations and partly due to temperature changes. Fussy armpits accelerate the issue; so wax regularly or opt for a laser treatment to reduce the hair in the armpits.

Drink a glass of fresh tomato juice everyday and consume a spoonfull of cider vinegar and two tsps of normal vinegar everyday on an empty stomach.Sweating occurs due to the stimulation of the sweat glands, which are present in most parts of the body – such as in the armpits, hands and legs.The writer is a senior cosmetic surgeon. The human body sweats but a few percent of the population sweat even when they are in the most unlikeliest of situations.Rubbing cut pieces of potato in the under arm area and soaking your hands and feet in salt water with lemon juice.There is another condition called secondary hyperhidrosis, which is related to diseases like thyroid hormonal changes, diabetes – sugar changes, infection, arthritis etc. For instance, they might even sweat when they are swimming! This condition usually is genetic and runs in families, and is called primary hyperhidrosis.

It may be professionally necessary to keep in touch

I had to stop by Raj Bhavan!" Dharma Vira had taken over West Bengal’s government.The Jawaharlal Nehru University controversy highlights a clear and present danger of the ruling party and its philosophy being treated as the touchstone of national loyalty. A newspaper house or television company has to honestly decide the extent to which it wishes to be aligned with the ruling party. There’s safety as well as self-respect in distance, but not, of course, for those in the media who yearn for illicit gain. The role of "permanent adversary" is only an unthinking mimicry of what some American theorists preach. As the biggest employer in the country, the government is also the biggest source of patronage. As is well-known, he intervened and persuaded Thimayya to stay on. I would also have had to add that while the phenomenon of "paid news" which troubles my friend, Paranjoy Guha Thakurta, so much is, indeed, deplorable, private business isn’t the only culprit. But unattached scribes who genuinely sympathise with some Bharatiya Janata Party ideals must surely find themselves in a quandary. Individual journalists have no business being aligned to anyone at all save their professional conscience. But I couldn’t. The sanctimonious speeches about press freedom and big business’ corrupting influence reminded me of Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew declaring that press freedom could not be the answer to problems of public probity because "the media itself is corrupted. He was too sure of his own integrity to worry about influence; but he did worry about receiving viceregal confidences he would be expected to keep. Nothing could have been more unlike a later colleague who strolled in late for a Calcutta party loudly announcing, "Sorry to have kept you waiting, but the old man wanted some advice.

The writer is a senior journalist, columnist and author. Its resources are vast and varied, and it can and does reward obliging media personnel in subtle ways that are beyond the capacity of even the biggest business house.The relationship is demeaning because it can never be equal." I might have been applauded if having said that, I had lashed out at business houses for debauching the media’s virginal purity. The journalists were undoubtedly flaunting their proximity to power, obviously with the politician’s consent. Kaushik Basu, chief economist of the World Bank, recently reminded politicians that it’s in their interest to cultivate journalists who "are usually better at explaining ideas to the laity".Two issues are involved here, one institutional and the other personal. If there is an alignment, it should be a matter of record.Of course, given Indian conditions, no media institution can ever Shower panel factory be completely independent of government. I am told Jawaharlal Nehru looked for Mahesh Chandra, Statesman’s political correspondent, whenever he was setting out from his house. It seeks tangible reward for services rendered. The magic of familiarity with the great is even more potent here. Those two journalists were no exception. That didn’t prevent Mahesh from scooping everyone in 1959 with the news of General Thimayya’s resignation as Army Chief over differences with him. They should be in the parties they identify with. Paradoxically, outright critics like journalists who are committed Communists or dyed-in-the-wool Congressmen should be able to take that in their stride, although some might argue they shouldn’t be in journalism at all.

It may be professionally necessary to keep in touch with politicians. With the distinction between government and country increasingly blurred, I hope the allegation doesn’t invite a charge of sedition. I recall a senior member of the present Cabinet ambling on the lawns of a hotel during a private reception with two prominent Delhi journalists flanking him on either side like SPG guards.India wasn’t always like this. How can they express their honest support (if it is honest) without readers jumping to the conclusion they are angling for some prize that is in the government’s gift I am reminded again of the late Nikhil Chakravartty, founder-editor of Mainstream, declining a Padma Shri because accepting an official honour and still claiming to be an independent journalist would be like wearing a chastity belt in a brothel. But ours is also a society on the make. The only exception that can arguably be made is for a handful of commentators who write only opinion pieces, and even they should make their position clear and not pretend their brand of partisanship represents the ultimate in objectivity. Nehru couldn’t have been pleased. It would have been difficult to bring up decorations, diplomatic assignments, Rajya Sabha membership, inclusion in delegations going abroad, nomination to boards of directors and editorships since the principal speaker was an outstanding beneficiary of all the gifts authority can shower on an acquiescent journalist. Ian Stephens, a former editor of Statesman, balked at accepting the viceroy’s invitation to a private chat. Tom Wicker of the New York Times wrote that Henry Kissinger could most easily win over an American journalist by calling him by his first name. Recent reports about the Press Trust of India editorship confirm the government is equally guilty. It was conspicuous even in our durbari culture where sycophants and courtiers always surround people of position. But a dignified working partnership isn’t the same as bedding down.Attending a discussion on media freedom at the India International Centre some years ago, I thought it prudent to slip away when heads began to turn in my direction and my views were sought. The alternative isn’t an untenable adversarial hostility but what Ronald Reagan called the "friction of freedom". It is more mercenary than America’s. The problem here is not with pious principles (that everyone mouths) but with what some media magnates and employees do in practice.

This was an almost obsessive interest

People are not being investigated," Sanchez said.Prison beefed upGuzman is now back at the Altiplano maximum-security prison some 90 kilometers west of Mexico City while authorities seek to extradite him to the United States.Guzman is regularly being moved to new cells in different floors and a guard is posted in front of it 24 hours per day to prevent him getting away once more.The government officials said investigators had monitored Penn and Del Castillo, taking photographs of the actors when they landed in Mexico, before their get-together with Guzman.But Shower Filter factory they could face money-laundering charges if there was a transaction for a film made with "money from illegal sources," legal expert Juan Velazquez told AFP.As well as moving him from cell to cell, officials said other steps have been taken to prevent Guzman -- who escaped from another prison in 2001 -- from breaking out a third time.Marines nearly captured Guzman in the mountains straddling the states of Sinaloa and Durango on October 6.Meeting investigatedOne of the world’s most-wanted criminals was returned to the same prison he escaped from six months ago when his henchmen dug a 1.Penn, in an article published by Rolling Stone magazine on Saturday, said del Castillo had been in contact with Guzman while he was in prison through letters after the kingpin’s attorney approached her."DVDs of the show were found in the house that marines raided in Los Mochis.Kate del Castillo (Photo: AFP)Guzman eventually made his way last week to the seaside city of Los Mochis in his native Sinaloa state, where he was captured Friday in a deadly military operation.But Guzman grabbed his cook’s daughter and used her "as a human shield," holding her in front of him as a helicopter hovered overhead, prompting the soldier to hold fire, the official said. 

Mexican drug lord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman was infatuated with actress Kate del Castillo and his desire to see her again contributed to his downfall after six months on the run, officials said Tuesday.Guzman fled the house through a tunnel during a gunfight between troops and his henchmen, but he was caught later after he had stolen a car, capping a months-long manhunt involving 2,500 investigators and federal forces, officials said.Marines nearly captured Guzman in the mountains straddling the states of Sinaloa and Durango on October 6."Each and every each one of the flaws have been fixed," an official said.President Enrique Pena Nieto’s spokesman, Eduardo Sanchez, said the clandestine meeting between the actors and Guzman was under investigation.Del Castillo, a Mexican-American who played a drug kingpin in a television series, brokered the now-notorious meeting between Guzman and US actor Sean Penn at an undisclosed jungle clearing in October, three months before the fugitive’s capture."

This was an almost obsessive interest that turned into another incentive to go down to the city, where he wanted to meet with her," the official said, adding that Guzman did not see the 43-year-old actress again."What’s being investigated is the actions.Following the meeting, troops entered Guzman’s remote mountain stronghold in northwestern Mexico in order to flush him out "toward a city," a government official said on condition of anonymity.The other factor that led Guzman to Los Mochis was that he was "really very interested in meeting the actress again," the official told reporters.After his July 11 escape, a dozen prison officials were detained and security was increased with extra surveillance cameras and metal rods in the floors to prevent new tunnels.Del Castillo sparked uproar in 2012 when she wrote on Twitter that she believes "more in Chapo Guzman than the governments.Another official said Guzman, 58, used the codename "hermosa" ("beautiful") when referring to the actress, who became famous for her role as a drug lord in the TV series "The Queen of the South."She later said that her messages to Guzman were "ironic" but Penn wrote in Rolling Stone that the kingpin sought to send her flowers afterwards..5-kilometer (one-mile) tunnel that opened into a hole in his cell’s shower.The drug lord wanted to make a film about himself but "would entrust its telling only to Kate," Penn wrote.Sean Penn with Mexican druglord 'El Chapo' Guzman (Photo: AP)Sanchez said the government "regrets any acts of collaboration between any citizen and members of organized crime" or that a Mexican citizen "does not share" information that would help arrest a criminal.Legal experts doubt that the actors will face charges, especially if their meeting with Guzman is seen as journalistic work.